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1. 4 Real
2. Press Your Luck
3. Automatic
4. Vulture Culture
5. Recurring Nightmare
6. Not For Nothing
7. Until I Break Loose
8. Love From Above
9. Year Of The Rat
10. Give It Up
11. Sound The Alarm

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1. 4 Real

(Lyrics: Preston, Field / Music: Preston, Minton, Levine, Field)

You walked away from society
It was a cold February day
Oh no, I couldn’t believe it.
Every manic word you put to page
Sharp wit like a razor blade
Cut like a razor.
Now you’re hiding away
I don’t understand

Richey manic reappeared today
All the witnesses were blown away
You know, he was for real.
Well, don’t you shy away for too long
You better come back and play.

I am for real

Like a legend from the silver screen
A rock ‘n roller with a golden dream
You know what I mean.
Show me something
Some kind of a sign
Do it quick because I’m losing my mind.
Here I am
I’m a believer.


2. Press Your Luck

(Lyrics: Preston / Music: Levine)

One way love on a dead-end street

Hearts bleed right in front you
Weak in the knees
Catch and release
I don’t know what else to do.
Loud and clear
This means war
I see the writing in the stall again
Now I pray that today is the day
It all crashes down and crushes you.

Press your luck
Bet your life
Press your luck
You know you’d better.
Press your luck
Bet your life
I dare you to stay.

People come people go
Stick around when you’ve got money.
They are the haves, we’re the have nots
Didn’t you know?
As for me, I will be
Your very best fair-weather friend
You say it’s the least that you can do
You’ve gotta be kidding me.


3. Automatic

(Lyrics & Music: Preston)

You call me up
With that tone in your voice again
You say you’re gonna figure it out
But you don’t know when
Don’t step on your brain, kid
You might need it when your looks hit the floor.

21st century life is a lie
A house of lies
Fully automatic
Ready to pop.

Don’t try this at home
Unsafe at any speed
Don’t try to preach to me
Yol’ll never change
I fell for that one before
Not again
Never again.


4. Vulture Culture

(Lyrics: Preston / Music: Minton)

In the mood for another kick
Dancing on your grave again
Holding on to a holy grudge
Making sure that it lasts forever.

First time’s confession
Second time’s confusion
Every time.

Vulture culture
Circling back to you.

Heaven knows what hell she’s in
She’s got a taste for pills and gin
All the while they talk you up
All the while the knife plunges in.


5. Recurring Nightmare

(Lyrics & Music: Preston)

Love is blind
That’s what they all say
I say it’s dead behind the eyes.
You made something up.
Now you believe it’s the truth
Oh you’re so good at telling lies.

I know it’s wrong but I don’t care
Falling in love is a recurring nightmare.

Subtlety is not my speciality
Heart on my sleeve, heart on my sleeve
I’m gonna beat you at your own game now
Gonna build you up, hoist you up
Then drop you right on your head.

I know it’s wrong but I don’t care
Falling in love is a recurring nightmare
I’m catching feelings but I don’t care
Falling in love is a recurring nightmare.


6. Not For Nothing

(Lyrics: Preston, Field / Music. Preston)

I never meant to make you mine
Now you haunt me all the time
24 hours for the guts and glory
Soon to be another dumb sob story.
I fall in love every evening
Not for nothing, it was all a game.

Pleasure overdose
Sensory overload
What the hell is really happening
Go figure out on your own.

I don’t believe in tradition
I’m gonna hang up the phone
What the hell is really happening
Go figure out on your own.


7. Until I Break Loose

(Lyrics & Music: Preston, Palmquist, Field, Minton, Levine)

Skip town tonight
The city’s too hot
Too hot to touch.
Sit back, relax
I traded that in for a heart attack
Everybody’s always selling me answers.
Everybody has a heated opinion
Now it’s crystal clear.
I know i gotta shake loose
Shake until I break loose
I wanna lose myself
I don’t need noone else.

Off to work again
I’m slaving away just to waste my day.
So many times
I counted it up and it still ain’t enough.
I said, I got myself into a situation
Now I’m looking for a little distraction.
Now it’s crystal clear
I know I gotta shake loose
Shake until I break loose.


8. Love From Above

(Lyrics: Preston / Music: Levine, Preston)

I’m a space-age soul
I got cruise control
On a ruby-red lightning bolt.

It’s a laser-beam dream
At a blue-jean scene
A real black cat machine.

Just hide the loot
In your sharkskin suit
Dance your worries away.

Oh, Aries queen
On piano keys
Pure cosmic chemistry.

I hear your colours
I see your sounds.

I wanna feel your love
Love from above
Let me feel your love from above.

People always stare
At the stars in my hair
I’ve got magic to spare.

Eye in the sky
Where blue angels fly
The gods make love tonight.


9. Year Of The Rat

(Lyrics & Music: Field, Preston)

Calling all villains, c’mon tip your hats
You know we’re living in the Year of the Rat
And there ain’t no turning back.

I see the message on the T.V. screen
Close up and batten down the hatch
Cut off the head, you better make sure that it’s dead.

It’s the Year of the Rat

The rat is taking even more than he needs
You know he’s taking everything that he sees
He loves to see ya
He loves to see ya on your knees.

The tail wraps around you, you drop to the floor
Ain’t gonna fight it, cause you know the score
Now you like it, now you’re begging for more.


10. Give It Up

(Lyrics: Preston / Music: Minton)

Never let the truth
Get in the way of a good story
I can’t believe what I see on T.V.
The breaking news is breaking me.

I’d sell my soul
For just a little piece of mind in this lifetime
No self esteem
But if you’re asking me to die for you
The answer is no way.

Give it up
I turn to make my own way.

Today is the first day
Of the rest of your nightmares.
Oh boy, that was deep
I bet you practiced that line
In the mirror all week,

Time to cut you off
There’s no love lost
Between you and me.
You came on strong
But at the end of the day
You’re still singing the same song.


11. Sound The Alarm

(Lyrics & Music: Preston)

I was a natural
I was the chosen one
Nobody cares anymore
Go ahead to get along.
Now we’re going down together
Side by side by side
You were a habit and old habits die hard.
Sound the alarm
So passive aggressive

Sarcastic to the bone
Why can’t you stay away?
Please just leave us alone
You’d better behave
Get to the back of the line
Like nails on a chalkboard scratching
Like nails on a chalkboard scratching.
Sound the alarm