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Kiss Kiss/After Hours

Kiss Kisskisskiss

  1. Eat Your Heart Out
  2. Double Crosser
  3. Stray Doll
  4. Miss Avenue
  5. Dummy Luv
  6. Crucify
  7. Demoted
  8. Teenage Mannequin
  9. Everything’s Wrong
  10. Doll Face Baby
  11. Feel My Heat

afterhoursAfter Hours

  1. Soul Stripper
  2. Demoted
  3. I Don’t Want You To Love Me
  4. Stray Doll
  5. Double Crosser
  6. Lady Strange
  7. Doll Face Baby
  8. Everything’s Wrong
  9. Crucify
  10. Dummy Luv

Eat Your Heart Out

Just like a baby with rabies
Like a bat outta hell
She wait and got me honey
She put me under her spell
She ain’t no zombie
She ain’t no witch
She’s got an attitude honey
She is my doll face bitch

C’mon baby, just go and gimme a try
And if it don’t feel right, baby stop shakin’

It’s a terrible feeling
When you know that you’re sprung
My body starts to shiver
It ties up my tongue
You’re an animal baby
You don’t know when to quit
You got an attitude honey
That makes my eyes all lit

C’mon baby, just go and gimme a try
And if it don’t feel right, baby stop shakin’

C’mon baby, just go and gimme a try
And if it don’t feel right, baby go and
Eat your heart out…


Double Crosser

(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

You’re just a snitch, Yea you’re not good fake
Go slither around with the rest of the snakes
I said it before and I’ll say it again
Follow the leader is your favorite game
Stand back baby, I’ll rember your name
We used to shake like we were best of friends
Now you’s gettin’sneaky like a 007

You’re a Double Crosser

Don’t touch me honey i’m not in the mood
You come around and I’ma start actin’rude
That sparlkel in your eye is fading to black
You’ve gone too far, now it’s to late to get back

You’re a Double Crosser
That’s all you are to me and that’s all you’ll ever be


Stray Doll

(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

Shuuug,I’m afraid this is the end
Life moves real fast when you’re a wild youngblood

Lover boy’s in love again
Ignore the feeling and avoid the trend
No time for anyone ’cause I’m a drifter, man

I don’t wanna be a millionaire
But if I was I wouldn’t share
Why have a home when i would rather be a straydoll?

Don’t hold my hand girl, I can’t be seen with anyone
You’ve got one shot babe show me how I like it
I can’t drop my anchor this place is insane

Lover boy’s in luv again
Ignore the feeling and avoid the trend
Listen once ’cause I won’t say it again


Miss Avenue

(Music by Kevin Preston &Aaron Minton, Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

The streetlights in this city are
way,way to dull
Streetwalkers in town can’t even
find their way
The more that you complain
Makes it harder everyday
To get through to you Miss Avenue

The look on your face tells me
Things are getting worse by
The minute
And the walls in your room have
Just about run outta stories to tell

And the push always come to shove
Even harder when you’re
Falling in love
I’ll pray for you Miss Avenue

Word on the streets is your ass is just
A whole lot of trouble
I ain’t got time to get wrapped up
In all of your games
When I turn my back, I don’t ever
Wanna hear your voice
I only got so much time on my hands
And I don’t wanna spend it with you


Dummy Luv

(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)
I’m gonna kiss you girl, I wanna lick your luv
You’re lookin’ all dressed up
Why don’t you get dressed down

Dummy Luv

Just jump right out your slip, and start to lick your lips
Come in and lock the door
I’m gonna give you some, darlin’



(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

Met a girl with a ‘tude like a Hollywood dealer
What you want? Talk fast. I’m a prefect ten.

Tie me up and yell my name
Be a doll come on and crank it to ten

Don’t abuse me when I say
The leather’s so tight, I can’t see clearly

Baby I hate the pain,but if that’s what you wanna do…

She told me she had realization
She don’t wanna tune in on my S&M station



(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

Demoted, I’ve been demoted
Isn’t it true? Isn’t it true?

Take your own advice
And don’t stare unless you want me
You’re wicked and I’m still in lust with you

And I heard you still talk about me
They say you paint me real bad
You wish I never exsisted


Teenage Mannequin

She looked so flashy there
Posin’ in underwear
Her lips were red and bright
Her legs were outta sight

Now I’m approaching her
I’m gonna set it straight
I’m gonna ask her out
And we’ll call it a date

I tried to talk to her
She won’t talk back to me
I asked her manager
He told me she was fake

She was a teenage mannequin


Everything’s Wrong

(Music by Aaron Minton, Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

I’ve got my eyes on a preppy doll
But she don’t like the looks of me
I try to tell her that I don’t bite
She’s not sure what to believe

Everything is wrong

I try to throw a promise ring
She just don’t take me seriously
Her daddy tells her that I’m a dog
’cause all the girls have been with me
They say they’ve been with me

Everything is wrong


Doll Face Baby

(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

Baby, baby
Do you wanna go this road again
Do you want a luv that ain’t pretend
Or do you wanna fake it

Baby, baby
I can see your heart right through your eyes
There is a feeling that you can’t disguise and
I just can’t shake it
I don’t wanna come down

Listen baby
There’s so many things that I can’t discuss
I just never loved nobody enough
And you’ll just have to face it

And baby, baby
I don’t see the fun in livin’ a lie
So if it ain’t there, don’t even try
Just keep on walkin’ honey

And that thing we had won’t ever feel the same
And just hearin’ you speak is makin’me weak

I’ll break your heart again
And then break that heart again


I Don’t Want You To Love Me [previously known as Feel My Heat]

(Music & Lyrics by Kevin Preston)

I don’t want you to love me
I don’t want you to care
I just want you to like it
When i lick you there
‘Cause I’m beat and in heat

Mommy and daddy will hate me
They’re gonna ground you for years
Well it’ ok honey
We’ll boogie down in their tears
‘Cause I’m cheap, a real creep

I ain’t never gonna call you
Won’t even pick up the phone
And if you ask the commitment
I’m leaving you all alone
’cause i’m broke and on dope


Lady Strange

(Music & Lyrics by Erik Arcane & Kevin Preston)

I’ve seen the sunset
you’ve seen the clouds that say you’ll
never ever know me
They try to hypnotize me,drown me in lies
But I can see where we’re going
“A pretty thing will sting like that”, she says
Spinning out of her mind
So many faces in the golden book
You turn to see the clearest eyes

Lady you’re so strange

So hey tell me that will never crash like that
Get it on flashing, making like we never met
Only strangers
Come a little closer so I can get high like you do
Go ahead and take apiece of me
So you can tell’em all that it was true

Time stopped ticking
The sand tunneled right out of time
So dance my every breath into your mind
?cause if we leave this place before too long
We’ll be missing everything
And now it’s gone, gone, gone