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Bless This Mess

  1. blessthismessSociopath
  2. Maxine
  3. Feral Children
  4. Broken
  5. Let The Games Begin
  6. Bless This Mess
  7. Miss Avenue
  8. Staring Daggers
  9. Crimson Lust
  10. Tryin’
  11. Puta, Te Amo
  12. She Says
Please note: The lyrics posted here aren’t 100% correct. We’ll post the correct lyrics (from the Bless This Mess vinyl) as soon as possible!

1. Sociopath

My image in the computer screen
Reflects the world on my own
Sticks and stones and pheromones
Sick stimulation baby, I need more ’cause

I am a Sociopath

I lie about nearly everything,
Believe every word that I say
Completely catatonic
So dope me up or just struck me down ’cause

I am a Sociopath

Oh no, what am I to do?
Reality has become the death of me

I screwed me over just because I’m bored
Manipulate all your friends
Do vicious things that know remorse

It’s part of my DNA
I am a Sociopath


2. Maxine

I’m not in love with the strains of bein’ in love
I heard a rumor today
You take ’em in, you spit ’em out
You little reptile
I think we’re one in the same

I need a fix, a little tryst, a distraction
I hope that you are the cure
So many notches in your lipstick-case
I’m wise to your little game

Oh Maxine
Think I am the only one that’s never been with you alone

I rang you up
And I started to tremble
You sounded just like a ghost
Well, never mind I think I will slink over
And we can do as we please

So let’s slide to a room full of mirrors
Where we can see everything
We’ll light candle after candle after candle
We burn ’em out, you and me

Oh Maxine
Think I am the only one that’s never been with you alone
Hey Maxine, is that you Maxine?


3. Feral Children

It took a lot to show you
The depths you’ll have to sink to
I’m not like the others
I’m a real sick lover

And purely out of envy
They always try to end me
Their only solution
Heavy mind pollution

Make way for new pleasure
‘Cause pain is always what they want you to feel
I won’t let ‘em tame us
You really can’t blame us

So let’s pretend we’re virgin
Or rowdy Feral Children
Confuse all the strangers
Make ‘em eat right out of our hands

I will corrupt you
Tell you lies so filthy
‘Cause you won’t mind
And you won’t care

We’re doomed to be human
Our souls escaped when they cut our hair
If it’s only temporary
Let’s go out with the biggest Bang

Morals on vacation
A permanent vacation
Don’t pinch me if I’m dreaming
Let me slip into a coma

You’ve got to bleed me
You’ve got to leave me
The more I go reaching
The more I fall deeper with you


4. Broken

All alone I’m in great company
Talking to myself not listening
Drifting out to stand in a different shade
Right you are holier-than-thou
You’ve really made the grade

Another nite, another mess
That’s just what I am I must confess

Well, I’m broken
Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a test
I don’t need a prayer now that I’m blessed
You’ve never loved, you’ve never spread
Go out and find that vile one
And let him slip it in

Another vicious wave of boredom
My smiles turn malevolent
When I’m Broken

Love will take you down,
Wipe off that smile
You’ve thrown it all away

I’m disconnected, discontent
Taking back the words I said I meant
Well, wild times I’ve had my share
I don’t remember much
But I think I saw you there

Another vicious wave of boredom
My happiness turns violent
‘Cause I’m reckless

Love takes you down
Wipe off that smile
You’ve thrown it all away


5. Let The Games Begin

Let the games begin!
Flyin’ high, but you were shot down,
Staring at the lights with your back on the ground
Bitter rivals, clashing for so long
I can’t remember what round it is

Cheap shots, dirty tricks
They’re all you know
Dying out, running dry, it really shows
This time it’s personal

Let the games begin!

Scars don’t erase, I kinda like it
Karma’s a bitch and she’ll bite you back
Past is the past but I’ll never forget
You’re gonna get yours
Step in line, you’re next

Did you think that I’d stay down?
I never say die
You’re never alone, never alone

6. Bless This Mess

Lovely to meet you
Well, we’ve already met
But I’m always so hammered

This time I’ll try to face myself
I think that you’re the cat’s meow

You’ve got a nice pair of gold boots
Just take a step back, girl
’cause my kicks are killer

Good God, please, Bless This Mess

You think it’s sexy, it turns you on,
When I’m self-destructive
You’ll never tell me that I’ve had too much
You find it seductive

A cry for help won’t save me
’cause this whole damn world
Adores a train wreck
Do you want me to prove it, baby?
I just might…

Oh good Lord please, Bless This Mess
Wild love, wild love, wild love


7. Miss Avenue

The streetlights in this city are
way,way to dull
Streetwalkers in town can’t even
find their way
The more that you complain
Makes it harder everyday
To get through to you Miss Avenue

The look on your face tells me
Things are getting worse by
The minute
And the walls in your room have
Just about run outta stories to tell

And the push always come to shove
Even harder when you’re
Falling in love
I’ll pray for you Miss Avenue

Word on the streets is your ass is just
A whole lot of trouble
I ain’t got time to get wrapped up
In all of your games
When I turn my back, I don’t ever
Wanna hear your voice
I only got so much time on my hands
And I don’t wanna spend it with you


8. Staring Daggers

Staring Daggers right at me
Piercing deep with a sharp tongue
Fooling everyone she knows
But I find that intriguing

I had you once
I’ve heard it again and again and again
No I can’t take another word

A revolution fetish, so intense
It always leaves me craving more
I long to be misunderstood
In a world so understanding

I had you worse
I’ve heard it again and again and again
No I can’t take another word

This can’t be forgiven
Your awful taste
Has always left me nauseous
Worst of all you got the best of me
Well that’s what I get for trying

No I can’t take another word
When I’m just so sick

Staring Daggers right at me
Piercing deep with a sharp tongue
Fooling everyone she knows
Well I find that repulsing
I had you worse
I’ve heard it again and again and again
No I can’t take another word


9. Crimson Lust

The smoke’s filling up your lungs
It licks you like a thousand tongues
Creeping up all around
Just to make you fuzz
It scared you down on your knees
‘Cause killing you is such a tease
Introducing fast
To keep you up until you get off

Oh the night,
The night starts to call your name
Your face will never look the same
The only thing you get done

You want me to want it bad
It don’t matter what you have
Giving me savage looks
Before we even touch

Black dots all around
The lips are gonna steal your ground
The day is breaking
So treat me wrong until you get off
It ain’t love
Addiction that makes you bleed
A habit that you gotta feed
The only thing you can trust

Crimson Lust
My Crimson Lust!

10. Tryin’

Oh no, what have I done?
I think I had too much fun
I messed around with y’all last nite
I didn’t even up put up a fight

Next time I won’t even start?
Well now and then, it’s not with my heart
You see, it’s always in the back of my head
All through the day since I got outta bed

I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’
Baby, I see them
Baby, I’m tryin’
I’m trying to…resist them

Must be something in their eyes
Makes me feel so good inside
I wonder what makes me feel this way
While it feels like I have to stray
Maybe it’s just my instinct
Makes me love to see those winks
Even when I close my eyes
Visions of them appear in my mind

I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’
Baby, I see them
Baby, I’m tryin’
I’m trying to…resist them

I got no good excuse
But you can’t just cut me lose
If I can stop this machine
That’s the cure to my disease


11. Puta, Te Amo

Gotta get you outta my brain,
Get you off my skull
Livin’ out of a suitcase
Driving for another bar

I’ve been right here before
Just another high-fashion whore
The story of your life
Is written on the bathroom wall

Puta, Puta Te Amo
Oh girl, you’re such a tramp
But I’ll always be your slave

There’s gotta be a heaven
For a match made in hell
I will be your son-of-a-bitch
and you will be my Jezebel

Eres mi amor
Nadie es mejor

Lust turns to luv
Luv turns to hate
Blame it on fate
You and I were meant to mess around

Puta, Puta Te Amo
Oh girl you’re such a tramp,
But I’ll always be your slave
Te amo, puta!


12. She Says

Come on, sister
Time that you get a life
I see you spending all your money
Layin’ under a knife

Well, this is Los Angeles
We got plenty of sun
And all the stars come out at night
To spin and to get spun

She says
“I don’t wanna hear it”
She says
“That ain’t true”
She says
“I don’t wanna hear it”
She says, she says
Bite on

Come on Susie, it’s time to knock ’em dead
We hear a scream out at the street
Rolling out of your bed

Yeah, you’re a real bombshell
Of the lies you’ve been fed
The only hole worth filling is the one in your head
We hear the screamer after screamer
Rolling outta your bed

Survival honey, it’s just hit or miss
There is an after-party but you ain’t on the list
You’ll see us hanging in a dark room, doing the 2012 twist
We’re not waiting in line for permission to die
We’re the creeps giving you the evil eye