(by Lena M. )

To be honest, I never really listened to Prima Donna, even though I first heard about them around 2 years ago, but I listened to some of their songs before going the show with my friends, and I quite liked them. Anyway, the place where the gig was taking place was really small, and the stage was sized about 2×2 meters. When they finally started playing (at 10, instead of 9pm like planned) the crowd was cheering. Kevin started jumping from the very first chord, but he had to watch out for the others because there was no space to move for them on the tiny stage. He kicked his feet high in the air and I always thought he’d kick the person in front of me on the face, but that never happened. When he started lifting the microphone stand high in the air all the time, I was kinda afraid that he’d drop it right on top of our heads! During the show, he walked off the stage and laid down on the floor. Then he told us to go down with him, and when they continued playing, everyone jumped and got wild. After a few songs, Kevin asked for more beer and started drinking out of two bottles and started feeding David with beer, and David spilled a bottle over his feet and laughed. During one of the last songs Kevin tripped and almost fell off the stage, but the people in the first row pushed him pack. The fact that the room was pretty tiny, gave the whole thing this inmate feeling – it was an amazing show! One thing that I have to add is how good all of them smell!  After the gig I talked to the guys, took pictures with them and got my poster signed, and they kept asking me if I’d come to the show on the next day as well !! Oh what a great night! 

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(by The Crasher)

Then it was time for Prima Donna to prepare the stage. When Aaron went on stage to prepare the keyboard and saw me, he smiled and said hello.
Prima Donna started playing on a high-energy level and got even more powerful and energetic the longer the set lasted.
Rumble,I Don’t Want You To Love Me, Sociopath, Doll Face Baby, Feral Children, Let The Games Begin, Tryin’, Crimson Lust, Maxine, She Says, Autosuficiencia, Puta Te Amo, Double Crosser, Bless This Mess, Demoted, Star Star, Soul Stripper
and some other great songs I don’t remember as an encore!
This was the first time I heard the new songs live and they blew me away! They are even better live than on the album, because Prima Donna is a real live band. During the set, Kevin climbed on the amps and jumped around like a goofball and it was only during the second song into the set that he saw me first and smiled at me. The gig was such a party, including a really nice pogo during “Puta Te Amo” and great covers of Star Star by the RollingStones that had everybody singing along and Autosuficiencia, an energetic Spanish song that lead to even more pogo. All in all the setlist was a great mix of old and new and there were some great surprises like “Doll Face Baby”. After the show there was a lot of dancing and great music being played. We left after 5am and I bet everybody who didn’t know that band before has been converted to a Prima Donna fan.”

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(by Carmen P.D.M.)

I was so excited because I saw them in Madrid when they came with Green Day in 2009 and I really loved them, so I knew this time it was going to be awesome, and so it was!
The setlist was so good, they played some new songs and I loved them all, and other old ones including my favorite one, Soul Stripper! They sound really good live, every song they played was a party for us. I love the fact that they play in small places cause the band and the audience is very close so we can enjoy it even more. I didn’t want the concert to end, but when it did, the party went on. The guys stayed at the bar with the fans, we talked, we took photos, we had some drinks and they were so nice to us!
So I can say that it was one of the best nights of my life and I hope I can see them again soon! Thank you Prima Donna!


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(by Susana M. aka PrimaDonnaPT )

Puk*2, the opening band, got the crowd going with their pop-punk songs. Fun!
Then Prima Donna started getting the stage ready. Kevin forbid us to look at the setlist which made me even more curious to what was to come!
They went out, the lights went down and we could feel the excitement in the air. As soon as they entered the stage again and started playing the first song, I wondered if it was a dream. EAT YOUR HEART OUT! I never thought I’d hear it live. It sounds so good. The setlist was incredible and included Doll Face Baby, Broken, Demoted, Tryin’, Teenage Mannequin, Puta Te Amo, Bless This Mess, Maxine, Feral Chldren, Let The Games Begin, Soul Stripper, Socipath, I Don’t Want You To Love Me, Stray Doll, Dummy Luv, and awesome covers of Autosuficiencia, King Rocker, Starfucker and Rebel Rebel! And it was the first time Prima Donna played TV Blue at a concert, it was a privillege to listen to it. It got stuck in my head!
At some point during the gig, Kevin got us all to chant “VIBRATOR! VIBRATOR!” and there came the pink buzzcock to molest the shiny red guitar! ;)
The new songs sound MASSIVE live! I wish PD would release a live album of this tour.
Seeing my favourite band play a superb concert in a nice venue, sorrounded by good friends. That’s my kind of Saturday night.


pics here



(by Gitte M.)

Prima Donna’s show of march 5th took place in a punk rock cafe in Brussels called DNA, a very nice place! TThe fans were teenagers as well as older people, almost all of them were punkrockers, very nice!I think they played most of the songs of their new record ‘Bless this mess’. The music sounded very good and clear and Kevin has a great voice. He walked into the crowd a few times, making them crazy and wild!
Before and after the gig all members were relaxed and drinking some beers at the bar. I noticed many people bought records, T-shirts etc. So did I.I definitely want to encounter this show for a second time!

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(by Brian B.)

You might know this certain feeling that makes you know you’re confronted with something unique and special. A special person, a special moment or a special band. I got this feeling when I first listened to a band called Prima Donna in 2008.
In an age of Electropopautotuneshitsongs and impersonal MP3 music stores they are the ones to bring back true Rock’n’Roll to mankind. With the energy of the Stones, the vibe of the New York Dolls and Bowie’s Glam they take you on a journey right back into the 70′s (even if you never witnessed those years), where music was more than a video on YouTube.
They are the last ones of an endangered species headed into extinction, one of a kind. And they proved it once again with their show in Aachen’s “Headquarter” on 07/03/12. With their incredible high energy, they put on their unique show, playing as if it was the last of their lives. They did a wide range of songs – from “After Hours” classics like Double Crosser, I Don’t Want You To Love Me or the lovely Lady Strange to their most recent tunes off “Bless This Mess” including fast smashers like Puta, Te Amo which turned the small crowd into the world’s hottest 20-people-pit as well as sing-along-anthems like Maxine or the single Feral Children, completed by classic covers like the Stones’ Starfucker.
The boys managed to easily turn the small punk venue into a world of its own. It was just the crowd, the band and the music. Well, and some booze, too.
One hour of Rock’n’Roll made ~400 driven kilometers, 2 hours of waiting in the cold on Aachen’s street-walkers’ patch in front of the club and skipping school worth it. Too bad we had no time to spend some After Hours with the band, but that’s what Rock’n’Roll is: wild and (sometimes too) fast..


(by Chinese Rock)

Panic in the streets of Essen. Yeah, all the dj’s who don’t play Prima Donna songs should be hanged. Because Prima Donna guys are true king rockers: they know how to rock and, most of all, they know how to roll. Further proof was their last European show at Panic Room in Essen, Germany. The venue was packed with fans and friends from all around Europe and the front row was… well, drunk and wild.

Did they play I Don’t Want You To Love Me, Demoted, Soul Stripper and all their hits from After Hours? Of course they did. And they did it like there’s no tomorrow. Did they play Sociopath, Let The Games Begin and Puta Te Amo? Hell, yeah! And they played also an awesome version of Broken for all of you, broken hearts. Their latest album title is Bless This Mess, right? The stage was a real mess: crazy go go dancers, weirdos powered by booze and debauchery.

That’s what rock and roll is about: fun. At Panic Room in Essen, there was sweat and beer falling from the ceiling, maybe some feathers too. If you are in love with punk rock and sleazy rock ‘n’ roll – that kind of sound brought to us by 70s Stones, New York Dolls, Ramones, Johnny Thunders, Hanoi Rocks – and you don’t like Prima Donna, there is something wrong with you: killer guitars, bang-bang bass, bam-bam drums, reckless piano and hellbound sax.

Anyway… Prima Donna are alright even if you don’t like saxophones. Because David, Erik, Lights Out, Aaron and Kevin are the real deal. Raw power: what you see is what you get. In Prima Donna world there’s no time to rest, it’s always letsgetfuckedup o’clock. Ok, if you are reading this review, that means you are a stray doll and you maybe know everything about Prima Donna records, shows and other shit so… See you soon.

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