Hot Gossip…

Punk Globe’s Hot Gossip mentioned Prima Donna

“PRIMA DONNA have signed with a management company”

you can read it here

For the Ones who don’t know the New Management is High Adventure Management (the West Coast artist management wing of Knitting Factory Entertainment)

and Prima Donna has its official page on their Tumblr !!!!

Thanx to Susana for letting us know !

Upcoming Shows!!

NOV 26 and Nov 27 Prima Donna will be performing in Northern Cali !

Both Shows with White Trash Debutantes and Mystic Knights Of The Cobra!!!

Friday November 26th 2010                                                                  Saturday November 27 2010
ALL AGES SHOW                                                                                  21+
THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL                                                                  THE BLANK CLUB
1233 17TH STREET                                                                              44 SOUTH ALMADEN
SAN FRANCISCO, CA                                                                            SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA
415-621-4455                                                                                      408-292-5265
Doors Open at 9PM ALL AGES Ticket Price $10                                      Doors 9PM Ticket Price $8

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Punk Globe – Interview with Kevin Preston!

April Punk Globe features an incredible interview with Kevin Preston.

Here are some excerpts from the interview. To read the full interview go to Punk Globe!

Punk Globe: How many recordings do you have out?

Kevin: Prima Donna has 3 out so far. 2 full lengths and one heart-shaped vinyl single. We’re working on another full length right now. When The Skulls were playing, we did 2 full lengths, a live Cd/DVD and something like 10 seven inchers. I can’t even remember.

Punk Globe: Any new recording or tours coming up?

Kevin: Both. Our new record will come out in September on Acetate Records. We have two tours of the U.S. over summer and then it’s back to Europe in September.

Punk Globe: What Country in Europe did you enjoy the best?

Kevin: Man, I hate to sound so neutral, but I really loved them all. There were a couple of audiences that really went nuts though. Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland are all on that list.

Punk Globe: How did you find the rest of European fans took to you?

Kevin: The response in most of the countries was really positive. We’re never quite sure how people will respond because we aren’t out there to please everybody. We’re definitely far from any mainstream sound, so it was shocking to find that we were selling so much of our merchandise every nite.

Punk Globe: For Kevin,it was awesome to see you play with Foxboro Hot Tubs at The Relentless Garage , London, How do you enjoy playing with The Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Kevin: My oh my, I could talk for hours about this. I really feel like I’m dreaming on stage when the Tubs are playing. Now, that could be ’cause of all the PBR, but really, I just have a blast. Not a lot of people get to play in a band with their heroes.

Punk Globe: The UK Loved you, its a shame I didn’t get to interview you in London after all, will you be brave enough to come back for a mini tour?!

Kevin: Are you kidding? Any time. Seriously, if a fan zine, some promoters or maybe some crazy girls can pay for the plane tickets, we will be on the next flight! Otherwise, see you in September.

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the great interview Kevin…. YOU RAWK!