L.A. Weekly

L.A. Weekly review of the show at Club Romper Stomper

“Friday night, he and DJ/ glam diva Asia Muka presented the latest installment of Romper Stomper at The Sunset Room, this one headlined by a group of charismatic whippersnappers called Prima Donna […]
PD turned up the heat, alright. Especially when Preston started removing layers and then tore into Blondie’s “Rip Her To Shreds,” dedicated to Rodney himself. (We’re not sure a male vocal works on the tune, but it was a fun/fine attempt and the rest of the group -Aaron Minton on sax & keys?, David Field on drums?, Erik Arcane on guitar, ?”Lights Out” Levine on bass- was tight as could be) […] ”

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If you missed the show you find a video of almost the whole set here

Key Club Show Review !!!

Cleo and Jackob Bellamy went to the show!!! Here’s their review !

“After my brother jakob just came back from his university for a short vacation and I came back from my europe trip we decided to visit my boyfriend jeffree in L.A. ’cause he was working there that time before going home to berkeley. and when we had lunch we thought about what to do on evening. and jeffy was on his phone on the facebook and he told us “guys prima donna has a show tonite @ key club” and yeah so went.

oooh my holy gosh, those guys rock that’s actually unbelievable! the music is awesome, their styles are awesome and the atmosphere and the mood is untold bloody marvellous when they play. the new songs are kick ass! and it’s also cool that they talk to their fans and folks after the show. but they were very busy that nite i think..so that’s why we were restrained. They whole spread Bellamy family loves that band. Our lil brother, us, sister, (mom, dad,..)

Big fat LUUUV from the Bellamy’s to Prima Donna oxoxoxo
+ Cleo Bellamy & Jake Bellamy”

pictures here

Lisbon Review

Susana M. sent us this review about Lisbon show :

“[…] After buying dinner, we came back to the venue’s door, which opened at about 11 pm and we got in to the front of the stage. The club was a lot bigger than Coimbra, where they had played on the previous day, and it reminded me of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where The Beatles started. The Prima Donna flag was hanging on the wall, it was good to see it there because it wasn’t at the gig in Coimbra. After a little bit, the club starts playing that song “Donna, the Prima Donna”, which I thought was absolutely hilarious.

The band appears and we all cheer and clap. I was just so happy it was happening again, I was seeing this amazing band play for the second time in two days.

The highlight of this gig for me was “Crimson Lust”. There was this crazy moment when Kevin got down on the stage floor and told us all to get down there too. So we and Kevin had our faces and arms “crawling” on the stage floor, singing the song. It was rad!
Levine was so hyper, he makes the funniest faces while playing, he’s a great great guy and I hope he will stay in Prima Donna forever!
Aaron, I just love him. He’s so cool and it’s great to watch him play the sax, then the keys, then the tambourine, then the sax again, then the keys… He’s fantastic!!
David is such a great drummer, I love how much he enjoys playing, he reminds me so much of Ringo Starr when he’s playing!
Erik is amazing, he’s so cool, his guitar playing is brilliant and he has great taste in guitars!

“I Don’t Want You To Love Me” was the last song before the encore. There’s that pause in the live verison of the song, the whole band went silent, Kevin looked at us and said “I forgot the lyrics!” so I sing “I ain’t ever gonna call you…” and Kevin smiles and says “That sounds right!” so they continue to play the song. It was so funny!

After the song they went backstage, we chanted “PRIMA DONNA! PRIMA DONNA!” and they quickly came back to play “Keep A-Knockin'” and finish with “Dummy Luv”. It really is a great encore. I love that cover. “Knock knock. Who’s there? Youkee. Youkee who? YOU KEEP A-KNOCKIN’ BUT YOU CAN’T COME IN!!”
And “Dummy Luv” is the perfect way to end a show, what a hot song.

It was an amazing gig. and the after-party was just as great and unforgettable. The venue turned into a night club, with us dancing and singing along to great music, from The Who’s “My Generation” to Prima Donna’s “Soul Stripper” to Blur’s “Girls and Boys”, and many many more. It was an awesome night!

A few hours later  we really had to say goodbye, so we hugged each other and said “see you soon”.
I’ll never forget those two nights. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see this awesome band of great people again.

I LOVE Prima Donna so much. I’m very proud of each one of them and I hope they will get very far, because if there’s a band who deserves to conquer the World, it’s these boys.”

Susana M.

Pictures of the show here

Euro Tour Recap here

Upcoming Shows!!

NOV 26 and Nov 27 Prima Donna will be performing in Northern Cali !

Both Shows with White Trash Debutantes and Mystic Knights Of The Cobra!!!

Friday November 26th 2010                                                                  Saturday November 27 2010
ALL AGES SHOW                                                                                  21+
THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL                                                                  THE BLANK CLUB
1233 17TH STREET                                                                              44 SOUTH ALMADEN
SAN FRANCISCO, CA                                                                            SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA
415-621-4455                                                                                      408-292-5265
Doors Open at 9PM ALL AGES Ticket Price $10                                      Doors 9PM Ticket Price $8

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Colchester Review

Sarah Henderson was at Colchester Show @ The Twist and wrote this great review for us!

“After seeing this Los Angeles Rock and Roll band supporting Green Day in Glasgow last October, I fell in love with the band instantly. Then I found out they were planning to tour Europe! Sadly they couldnt make it to my home country of Scotland so I decided to go to Colchester with some friends and former Prima Donna fans. I cant even begin to explain how excited me and my friends were to see them again. After all the planning of flights,trains,buses,hotels and money the day finally arrived.We arrived at the venue watched the two acts that were on before Prima Donna, They were average but didnt really get the crowd intrested unlike Prima Donna.We were lucky enough to meet Kevin  Preston before they came on stage we had a lovely conversation with him and were delighted to find out what a sweet guy he is. After meeting Kevin we headed to the front of the stage ready for Prima Donna’s entrance.From the second they came on stage they were full of energy and captured the audiences attension instantly.As the most emphusiastic fans in the crowd Kevin dedicated the song `Crimson Lust` to us which was a very appreciated gesture. Also had alot of attension from Kevin because we were up front. Prima Donna have so many songs that are just great to dance and have fun to which is always good when watching a band live. During the final song I Dont Want You To Love Me” me and my friends decided to run up on stage I dont think the guys minded. They we all gave the bands his hugs as they left the stage. Luckily I managed to grab Prima Donnas setlist for me and my friends which we later got signed .During Eddie and the Hot Rods Prima Donna were excited to watch them so we danced around with Prima Donna and had a few drinks. They are such awesome guys I truly had one of the best nights of my life. After over a year of waiting for the band to come to Europe I can say it was 100% worth the wait. I can wait for these guys to get bigger and have more fans. They truly deserve it.”

Pictures here

London Review!

Here it is a great review!

“Prima Donna boys seem to have learnt the lesson: if you wanna rock, you gotta roll. They had been touring Europe for over a month and it didn’t matter if in front of them there were less than thirty people or a packed club: the band always kicked everybody’s ass.

Kevin, Aaron, Erik, David and Levine closed their European tour in the U.K, playin’ with the legendary pub rockers Eddie and the Hot Rods and having a show at the All Saints Art Center in London: actually, a church in the middle of fucking nowhere.

A half hundred crowd (most of them from France and Italy) and two great acts.

Prima Donna hit the stage first and they delivered what they do best: sleazy rock n’ roll in the vein of the New York Dolls. They played the same set-list they did in these Euro-days in the same exact way: rockin’ and rollin’.

The “Rumble” intro, “Soul Stripper”, “Some Kinda Nerve” and Generation X cover “King Rocker” (do the king kong, babies!)… The guys played our new favourites tunes “Feral Children” and “Puta Te Amo” and Kevin did his Iggy Pop tribute singing “Crimson Lust”/“Tv Eye” as always: shirtless (and, yes, the girls in the audience went crazy).

What can we say about Eddie and the Hot Rods? Well, they were huge in the late Seventies and this night they played all their hits just like back in the Top of the Pops days: “Teenage Depression”, “Do Anything You Wanna Do” and “Quit This Town”.

Aaron reached them on stage for playing saxophone on Sixties classics “Gloria” and “Wooly Bully”, but the real deal was the final part of the show with both bands jamming on the Easy Rider anthem “Born to be Wild”…

It was awesome seeing middle-aged English rockers playing and sweating together with their mates from the U.S (Prima Donna could be Hot Rod’s nephews), something like passing the baton in the name of rock n’ roll music and punk attitude.

They displayed they are wild youngblood for real, even if there was no need because we know we were all born to be wild: us, Eddie and the Hot Rods and Prima Donna. That’s the way we live, going to rock n’ roll shows, drinking beers and havin fun with Kevin, Aaron, Erik, David and Levine whenever and wherever they play.

But now it’s time to record a new album, com’on guys: let’s rock and see you soon.”

by Miguel Basetta

pictures here

Harlow Review

Here it is a review from this show:

“12/11/10. The Harlow Square. Prima Donna With Eddie And The Hot Rods.
Having previously seen Prima Donna for the first time almost exactly a year ago, as support to Green Day at Wembley Arena, I was looking forward to seeing them again – this time in a smaller venue closer to home.
Eddie And The Hot Rods opened the show, and set the night up well for Prima Donna, who took to the stage at about 10.30pm.
From the beginning of their set, Prima Donna were full of energy, with Kevin being particularly lively. As a unit, the band have great chemistry and won several new fans in the audience by the end of the set.
The Prima Donna setlist was a good mixture of tracks from the “After Hours” album, such as “Soul Stripper” and “Stray Doll” as well as older songs like “Miss Avenue” and “Teenage Mannequin. The guys played some David Bowie and Generation X covers, namely “Rebel Rebel” and “King Rocker.
The guys used the stage well, with Kevin bounding from side to side, and encouraging the audience to come closer, which was definitly easier without a barrier, so I got really close.
Having Aaron on Saxophone adds another dimension to the bands sound, taking the listener back to bands such as Hanoi Rocks.
During the set the guys were interacting with the audience, with Kevin pointing out my Quireboys TShirt, and later climbing onto the lighting rig, and swinging into the middle of the crowd.
The gig was over by 12pm, and the guys went straight from the stage into the crowd, and spoke to/took photos with as many fans as possible – including myself.
Thanks guys! I had a great night – come back to Essex again soon!!
To Aaron – thanks for signing my arm :)”

from Clare Odonovan