Redwood Show

Our Friend Jessica M. drove over 2000 miles to be at the RedWood Show !!!!

here it is the recap of her adventure :

So a little background music and information should suffice in telling this story. My best friend Jen (girl with the Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely tattoo) decided to a form a “gang” based off Prima Donna. So in this little “gang” are her, myself (Jess – girl with the luscious set of lips), our friend Steph, and our other friend Regina who could not be with us during this little travel. Jen decided to name us the Prima Cheetahs in honor of our fab five boys in Prima Donna – we’re missing a fifth member and auditions MIGHT be held – we’re uncertain of that at this time. So there’s the small bit of information on this entire concept.

If all those out there did not read my SXSW Review (read it here), I’ll elaborate. Jen and I are HUGE Prima Donna fans and we love those boys so much that we will DRIVE over 2,000 miles (there and back I think it was almost 3,500) from TEXAS to luxurious Los Angeles, California – just to see a short show. Since Regina could not be there (she had college finals) we recruited another Prima Cheetah – Jen’s long time friend Stephanie. We introduced her to the music about two months before going on this trip and I stated, “I want to go to their last show in L.A.!” Jen’s response, “Uh – yeah!” Steph’s statement, “I’ve always wanted to go to Cali!” So I informed my job ONE MONTH in advance that I would be taking off my weekend shift to drive to L.A. for “family reasons” – hear that boys – you’re FAMILY (for the most part).

I worked two weeks straight without a day off until the final day: Friday May sixth. We never once told them we were coming because we wanted to surprise them – and surprise them we did. We rolled into Riverside, CA where my sister lives at about one in the morning on Sunday because it took a us a whole of 27 hours to drive out there and we left at eleven at night on Friday. We crashed with my sis, had a good time for a the most part, and my friend of eleven years, Von Robert A.KA. Arvie (I call him VR) came with us (it was a little like an anniversary since the last time he saw Prima Donna was with Johnny Madcap and The Distractions and Eddie and The Hot Rods in Texas). We booked a hotel in the city of angels on Sunset Boulevard and pre-gamed for the show (makeup, hair, stylish accessories – you know how women are – minus VR).

So we head down to the venue in a cab that obviously does not know where to go and lo-and-behold, as the entrance street is blocked off, I see Mister Erik Arcane standing in a parking lot next to the van and two shorter people with black hair. My response, “There’s Erik – and I think that’s Kev  standing next to him.” To that statement Jen informs the cab driver to stop and drop us off and we will meet up with them. As I type this review, Jen is currently cutting down our vlog – just to let you know. So we record this whole thing and Jen and I are strutting passed them all casual until Jen grabs Erik’s arm, basically spins him fully around, and startles the hell out of him.

Both guys seemed confused but overall surprised and happy to see us. We carried on conversations with them while we walked to The Redwood with them – it was pretty intense and I mean that in a good way. As we were sitting around having a few drinks, Aaron came sauntering in like a B.A.M.F. and saw us, smiled real big with a greeting of a hug, and was shocked that we were there but ultimately happy. We also scared a small bit of daylight out of David – but he was a little more preoccupied with watching Johnny Madcap and The Distractions play there show. Which reminds me – shout out to Justin Christ – he was happy to see us there too!

So we rush to the stage – which in heels is hard to do – and wait for the boyos to set up – which during this time I note a very sexy snake skin (probably fake) stiletto sitting atop an amp and ask Erik if it’s his. He nods and smiles (in a joking manner) that of course it’s his size – although I fail to believe it was, but it looked like it could have fit him – perhaps Cinderella’s feet are not as small as I once thought. The show gets going and unfortunately all the boys are tired – but they put on an epic five song set – at least I think it was only five songs. They opened with “Rip Her to Shreds” and Kev wanted to do some completely insane antics – however the bartender (bar manager? He kept saying bartender – so I don‘t know) was there to keep an eye on him – so no outlandish shenanigans were had – but some crazy ones were. Such as the case where at one point Kev wrapped his leg around Jen’s shoulder and expected her to hold him and herself up in six inch heels – nothin’ doin’ babe – I’m impressed they did not fall over.

I know after “Rip Her to Shreds” came one of my favorite songs – “Feral Children ” and somewhere in there they played “Soul Stripper” – if I had been writing this RIGHT after the show you would have all the songs – but it’s almost a week later, sorry. Anyway – at some point in there Kev tells everyone in the bar that he “doesn’t want to make a spectacle out of this, but these girls came from TEXAS and they have PRIMA DONNA TATTOOS.” and then he tells us that we have to get on stage and prove it. My response, “My feet hurt too much.” and Jen’s – out loud to everyone – “I would but I’m not wearing any panties!” Her tattoo is on her lower back and she was wearing a dress – so unless there was going to be a nudist colony somewhere in there – it was doubtful she would remove the little black dress. The boys had a good laugh at that and Kev stated it was a good reason not to show the tattoo – but next time we will represent.

After the end of the set Kev holds up a vinyl of the single with “Feral Children ” and “Rip Her to Shreds”  and asks who wants it. I immediately jump at that and he tells me to get up on the stage – I do and afterwards about seven people start asking about the tattoo when I walk away with my vinyl. I did not want to be a ball buster but that tattoo is not actually COMPLETE – we still have a bit of work to do on it – but I know it will be finished by the next time I see them. Overall I have to say that tiny ass show was well worth the hilarious drive up there and the tiring drive back – and I just want to let Prima Donna know that they are the only other band we would dive across the states for and I think that’s saying something right there. Pictures will be up shortly and the boys will be receiving some hilarious footage from our vlog – although it will be edited for time.


Jess, Jen, Steph, and Reg (who is sorry she could not be there – stupid college finals)”

Pictures From The Redwood : here

May 7th and May 8th in L.A. !!!

The Prima Donna Boys are back in town for 2 incredible shows at The Redwood Bar

MAY 7 with Eddie And The HotRods , Crazy Squeeze and The Perverts

MAY 8 with Eddie And The HotRods, Billy Bones and Johnny Madcap & The Distractions

They are flying to Europe!!!

They are coming
“EUROPE! See you on Friday! We jet outta here tomorrow evening and land Friday to slay u with chic. We have some great new merch designs for all you super sexy kids. We are extremely overjoyed to announce the addition of Lights Out Levine to our lineup. He will be manning the bass guitar. Welcome him with a big sloppy kiss! We wish Justin Christ all the best! His band, Johnny Madcap and the Distractions, got back together. Please keep spreading the word about our performances! We need your help to make these shows really special!
xxxo  “