Europe Tour 2015

Prima Donna are returning to Europe in October 2015 for their 8th tour! We’ve updated the tour page with all the info we have so far.

Booked by Billig People Booking
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Date Country City Venue Tickets FB event
07/10/2015 Germany Essen Freakshow 8€ fb_icon
08/10/2015 Germany Berlin Wild at heart n/a fb_icon
09/10/2015 Germany Nieder-Ohmen BiFi’s n/a
10/10/2015 Germany Stuttgart Goldmarks 14,50€ www fb_icon
11/10/2015 Switzerland Bern Reitschule/ Rössli n/a fb_icon
12/10/2015 France Besancon Bar de L’U 3€ fb_icon
14/10/2015 Spain Bilbao Satélite T 5€ (with beer) fb_icon
15/10/2015 Spain Madrid Wurlitzer Ballroom Free entry fb_icon
16/10/2015 Spain Baeza (Jaén) Café Teatro Central Free entry fb_icon
17/10/2015 Spain Estepona King Creole n/a fb_icon
18/10/2015 Spain Granada Sala Vogue 7€ (with 2 beers) fb_icon
19/10/2015 Spain Castellón Veneno Stereo 9€ fb_icon
21/10/2015 Italy Conzano UVA Blu Free entry fb_icon
22/10/2015 Italy La Spezia Shake Club Pay what you want fb_icon
23/10/2015 Italy Torino Blah Blah 5€  fb_icon
24/10/2015 Italy Milano Ohibo Club n/a
25/10/2015 Italy Verona Officina degli Angeli Free entry fb_icon
26/10/2015 Italy Camino al Tagliamento Il Gnotul Free entry fb_icon
27/10/2015 Austria Vienna Arenabeisl Free entry
28/10/2015 Germany Pfarrkirchen Club Xaver n/a fb_icon
29/10/2015 Germany München Backstage 13,70€ www fb_icon
30/10/2015 Germany Fürth Kopf und Kragen 10€ fb_icon
31/10/2015 Germany Dortmund Subrosa 9€ (presale) / 12€ fb_icon


Exclusive interview with Texas Terri Bomb!

We’re finally able to upload an exclusive interview by with the legendary Texas Terri Bomb!
Texas Terri is a long time friend of Prima Donna, in 2005 she took them in Europe on their first European tour, and she recently shared the stage again with Prima Donna at Wild at Heart in Berlin on November 2010.
One month later, while Terri was touring Italy with One Trax Minds, on the 8th of December we met her in Torino and we had a nice chat backstage at the United Club. Here’s the video interview.. Enjoy it!
A Big Thanks to Texas Terri Bomb! – don’t forget to check out her MySpace !

Texas Terri Bomb! & One Trax Minds say hello to Prima Donna!

Texas Terri, who toured with Prima Donna in Europe in 2005, and the Italian band One Trax Minds who’s now touring Italy with Terri, say hello to the boys of Prima Donna!

Video filmed in Turin, Italy, on December 8, 2010 by

..A longer exclusive video will be posted soon.. Stay tuned!

Review: Prima Donna in Italy

A review by Sabrina Scarcella

20-21-22 October 2010. Three days of Rock with Prima Donna back in Italy!!


Let’s start with Milan ‘s gig. 20 October.

We arrived at the venue, Ligera, at 17 o’clock in the afternoon. Later some friends of us arrived. The club opened at about 18.30 pm.

Time to fix the last things and finally we were in! We sat at a table and ordered some drinks.

20:00 pm: the boys arrived and we welcomed them! They looked a bit tired, probably because of the long journey. The day before in fact they played in Toulouse, France (almost 11 hours by car from Milan). Anyway we were sure it would have been a great show! The band started to bring the equipment inside the room and prepared themselves for the concert.

23:30 : finally the concert started.

Lights out. And they were there on stage! The concert started with Rumble. They are PURE ENERGY! And a great surprise for all of us!!! At the first notes of Stray Doll, Kevin asked:” Do you know”. They also played some new songs! Amazing new songs!!

After “I don’t want you to love me” the boys left the stage. But the show wasn’t over!

Everybody started screaming:”Prima Donna-Prima Donna-Prima Donna” so they came back for the encore and they played also Puta Te Amo!

At the end of the concert, Kevin broke accidentally one guitar string. Now the show was really over. Just the time to take a break and they came out. They spent some moments with us and the other fans. They were really nice with everybody! They were surprised to see our Eat Your Heart Out (heart-shaped) vinyls, they signed them and David said he probably owns only a copy of that vinyl! We waited until they left and when we told them we’d meet the next days they were really amazed! They also told us that at the moment that gig was probably the one with more fans!

Macerata 21 October. Kaia.

After a few hours of sleep we were ready to go by train. A long trip that lasted 6 hours. Finally we arrived at the venue Kaia. The location was very nice but in an isolated place. There was a familiar air, the owners were very nice.

At about 19 pm The Noise Guys arrived. The Noise Guys ‘s a Italian Rock Band that came from Recanati. They were the first band that was playing that night.

Prima Donna arrived at about 20 pm and they came to greet us! After fixing the instruments, they came to drink. Kevin sat down at our table a few moments while he was drinking a coffee. Then the soundcheck started! Other fans arrived. Before dinner the band spent some moments with fans!  At about 23:30 the Noise Guys went on stage. They gave a great charge to the audience! But finally it’s time for Prima Donna at about 00:30 am!!! Same setlist but even more energy!!! Also during this gig Kevin reminded everyone of the site!!!!! During all the show it could be seen their amazing energy! There are no words to describe this concert !!!!! During the encore a small POGO started under the stage! After the concert the boys talked a lot with us. Kevin invited everyone to have a drink together. He sat on the bar table and started drinking whiskey and succo di ananas (pineapple juice)!  Meanwhile also Aaron and Adam arrived! We took some great photos, and a crazy photo with Adam while he was lifting us from the ground! Crazy moments! Then people started to go home, but we stayed at Kaia until the band left. Kevin hugged us several times, telling us to be safe on our way back to the hotel.

La Spezia. 22 October. Shake Club.

It was a trip even longer than the day before, which lasted more than 7 hours! We arrived at the venue, Shake Club, and then we went to a restaurant nearby to have dinner!

We came back in time for the band’s soundcheck. The guys all came to say hello to us, at that time we were the only ones in the club with them. A nice fact is that the Shake Club, that evening, inaugurated the new stage! Prima Donna were the first to play on it! After a long dinner, the boys started to get ready. The concert began at about 1am!

The Club ‘s now very crowded! Again, the setlist was the same! Prima Donna, on stage became monsters!! They have an energy and charisma that made me crazy!!

Under the stage, there’s an hard pogo, everyone was jumping, everyone was moving their heads or clapping their hands even without knowing the lyrics! They were amazing! Many people were impressed by the band! During Dummy Luv, Kevin gave to me and Silvia the microphone so we sang the last verse of the song!!! Soo incredible! Unfortunately, the last italian concert ended soon. But not the night with Prima Donna!

The venue quickly became a crowded disco, we all started to dance with a DJ set!  Prima Donna danced with us and the other people, drinking beer. We also jumped on stage dancing with Aaron, Kevin, Adam and David!! We had a lot of fun! We stayed with the guys in the club until 5:30 am local time, it was an incredibly great long night!

I just can’t decide which one was the best show. Every show was amazing, wild, pure rock n’ roll!

And now I just can’t wait to see them again!! I hope this‘ll happen soon!!! And I’m sure I won’t miss a show here in Italy!!!

Here ‘s the setlist

Soul Stripper
Some Kinda nerve
King Rocker
Pink suede
Lady strange
Miss Avenue
Feral children
Stray doll
Teenage mannequin
Doll face Baby
Everything’s wrong
Crimson lust
Fuck off
Rebel rebel
Double crosser
I don’t want you to love me
Put ate amo
Dummy Luv

HD VIDEO: Crimson Lust @ La Spezia, Italy!

Here’s a video of “Crimson Lust” filmed in La Spezia (Italy) yesterday night by

Be sure to watch it in 720HD, the quality is incredibly good!

Lots of more videos and pictures from the Italian shows to follow in the next hours.. 😀