Here the upcoming gigs for November

Sat 10th – Los Angeles,CA @ Bar Sinister

Fri 16th – Fullerton,CA @ The Slidebar

Tue 20rd – Los Angeles,CA @ The Redwood Bar

Fri 23rd – NewHall,CA @ The VU

Sat 24th – Las Vegas,NV @ Bunkhouse Saloon

Thu 29th – Los Angeles,CA @ Le Luz de la Jesus Gallery FREE



Sept. 23 – San Diego, CA at The Casbah [21+]


Sept. 24 – Los Angeles, CA at The Troubadour [All Ages]


Sept. 25 – Oakland, CA at Uptown [21+]


Review from SXSW

Our friend Jessica was at The Black Tan, Austin Texas, here it is her review of the show:

Prima Donna SXSW
“As an avid Prima Donna fan – it came as no surprise that when the boys announced their decision to play SXSW this year on March 18, 2011, I would desperately need to find a way out of work – AND I DID! Thanks to a little birdie that shall remain nameless, I found out a month in advance so I could calculate every ounce of cash needed to attend this AMAZING event. My best friend Jen, myself, and another good friend by the name of Regina loaded up my car at 10 a.m. on the 18th and set foot for the awesome road trip to Austin (a good three hours from where we live) for the this event – even though it did not start until the midnight hour (fortunately we were going for more than just them – but they were the main reason). Jen and I had not seen our fun loving boys since August of 2010 and were definitely excited for this show – all Prima Donna shows are amazing – if you have not seen one – GO TO ONE! So in a realm of chaos to try and recall all of what happened that night – here is my own personal review:
Roughly around the time of nine or ten p.m. the boys came strolling into the Rusty Spurrs at their own accord – the first one to find us lingering next to a wall with a set of drinks was Erik – who promptly became happy to see us and dished out hugs for all. Not knowing where all the gents were, we just stood there chatting up a storm with him as he toggled one of those bizarre aluminum packet/bottle items of coconut water in his hand. I know it’s weird that I would pay attention to that, but my first thought was a definite “ew” as I had tried the stuff before and it brought back a swirl of bad taste to my mouth. As Jen and Regina continued to chit-chat with him, I turned to find Aaron making his way through another set of doors (the ones we had come in through as opposed to the set Erik came in through) and I went to hug him – but quickly jumped back as Jen shouted, “AARON!” and rushed to give him a hug. The moment passed in a rush as Aaron laughed at her, hugged her, and then turned to hug me and began a conversation of our luscious tattoos that the boys greatly appreciated.
When he asked to see it better in person, I showed him my leg in the light outside (yes I’m the girl with the “lovely set of luscious lips”), and he asked when we got them – I told him on my birthday. The question came to my mind as to which one of them had posted the enthusiastic “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on my facebook (since they have about 4000+ fans and I don’t see how they remembered to post it), so I asked because I was fairly certain it was him or Kevin, since I’ve only received one response from David, and I honestly don’t picture Erik using a computer much – and well – I don’t know Adam. He answered me, “Well we ALL noticed it was your birthday,” with a smile to explain that they had all been paying attention, and then added, “but I’m pretty sure it was Kevin.” I nodded that I thought it had been him too and the new bassist by the name of Adam aka Light’s Out began strolling past the outside doors. Aaron noticed him and basically whisked Jen, myself, and Regina off to meet him – the meeting was brief but he honestly seems like a very nice guy – he was probably just in a big hurry as most musicians are when it comes to festivals.
A small bit of time passed while we were standing around having a few drinks and I noticed Kevin’s hair as he wandered aimlessly in through the door – yes I said aimlessly because he just seems to appear as if from nowhere some times. I pointed him out to Jen and Regina with a smile and stated, “Kevin has entered the building.” in a mock form of “Elvis has left the building.” We meandered over to him to greet him and he became immediately hyper and filled with a zest for life as he hugged us. As he began chatting us up about the show, the drive to Texas, and all the things they had been doing in Austin, I spied David out of the corner of my eye, graciously excused myself from the group, and said hello to him with a hug. Now – I’m not going to lie – David is the one guy I don’t get to talk to a lot because he’s always running around doing something – but this was the one time I managed to talk to him before he was immediately rushed away – the conversation was a literal five minutes.
After meandering about and just hanging before the show itself we enjoyed various conversations, and received a few post card flyers from Aaron – he skipped me and later I had to finagle one from Erik. At one point I do recall that we were standing outside – Jen and Regina were smoking – and Kevin walked up to me, graced me with a hug, and pointed to my leg in mass excitement over the tattoo. It was interesting to see him become that happy because he looks a lot like a little kid on Christmas – one of those kids who see a HUGE pile of presents and can’t decipher which ones are for him and just wants them all. After the small bit of discussion over how amazing the ink was he abruptly stated, and I quote, “I feel so bad for outing you, because after I thought on it for a moment I realized – hey – they were probably gonna surprise us at the show with those.” I told him not to worry about it and that it was fine – I would just be damned if my title was robbed from me and we both laughed about that (obvious joke to the both of us).
Finally the show came around – anxiety and anticipation were buzzing through the air before the gents took to the stage. I can tell you now that I had been expecting a high end thrill ride of crazy antics, wild shenanigans, and sweaty microphone love from all the boys – they delivered without any form of a letdown. Now – in all fairness someone could be reading this and saying, “Oh yeah – you’re friends with them – so of course you’re going to say that.” WRONG! These men know WHAT they’re doing and HOW to do it – there is NOTHING that can pull them down because they are true musicians and have the drive to make it in the world (the only problem is that the world is full of ridiculous music and people who are so narrow minded that they become so overlooked). The show was filled with so much energy that even those who were not Prima Donna fans could not control the ability to become sucked into the vortex of Kevin’s front man vibe – which at one point had us all on the floor with him humping the stage like a sexual deviant (part of the show folks – sorry you couldn’t be there).
For the most part my mind still remains an everlasting blur – those guys floor me so much that I can NEVER remember everything. They deliver – they save – but most importantly they love their fans and what they do. Kevin’s stage presence is so wild and vivacious that if given the chance – I’m sure he’d have no problem packing an arena. And not to make this sound like it’s all about the front man – because it’s not (although I’m sure he’d beat me over the head with his portable mirror for saying that) – the rest of the men have their high levels of energy as well. Such as Aaron’s amazing ability to toggle between not only saxophone and keyboards, but also backup vocals – how many men can do that at his age?
I’d say none – but there’s probably ONE more out there somewhere that I have yet to discover. Let’s not forget to mention the backbone of the entire band here either – one David S. Field – without a beat any band would be lost – and David sure as hell delivers with his skill. I would imagine it takes a lot for someone to keep up with Kevin’s rambunctious ways on stage – but David does it like a professional and I honestly don’t think he receives the applause he deserves for being as talented as he is. And I know so many people in the world refute the concept of whether having more than one guitar player is a good thing – but the richness of the band’s sound has a lot to do with having more than one guitarist – and I think Erik fits the bill perfectly. He’s an amazing guitar player that I feel possesses a high level of well focused energy where he can maintain a distance so that Kevin can dance around crazy or even jump in and have a good time on his own.
There aren’t many guitarists in bands that have that ability – either they’re just rhythm or just lead – and neither of them really plays well with the other on or off stage – but Kevin and Erik seem to have a deep brotherly bond (I don’t quite know this – they just seem to be pretty close). And last but not least – we come to Adam – the newest member of Prima Donna and to be honest a rather well versed bassist in my personal opinion. As I said before, my meeting with him was not a thorough one but as I watched the performance I noticed just how well he blends with the rest of the guys – he wasn’t stand-offish or shy about jumping into parts and having a blast of his own. I’m really rooting for this guy to be the long term bass player and hopefully next time Prima Donna comes down I’ll actually get to have a conversation with him – because he seems like a very nice and interesting person. All in all the show was one of the best I’d been to despite how short it was – it’s left me with a rather scratchy voice that will recover in another day and a blurry memory that will most certainly become clearer as the days pass – and some pretty amazing photos.
I cannot wait for them to record their next album and put it out so that they can go on tour again – because everyone needs a little Prima Donna in their life. If you haven’t seen them – you need to – it will BLOW your mind. I think I speak for all their fans when I say that these guys are a completely untamed animal on stage and deliver night after night when they perform – they wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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L.A. Weekly

L.A. Weekly review of the show at Club Romper Stomper

“Friday night, he and DJ/ glam diva Asia Muka presented the latest installment of Romper Stomper at The Sunset Room, this one headlined by a group of charismatic whippersnappers called Prima Donna […]
PD turned up the heat, alright. Especially when Preston started removing layers and then tore into Blondie’s “Rip Her To Shreds,” dedicated to Rodney himself. (We’re not sure a male vocal works on the tune, but it was a fun/fine attempt and the rest of the group -Aaron Minton on sax & keys?, David Field on drums?, Erik Arcane on guitar, ?”Lights Out” Levine on bass- was tight as could be) […] ”

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