Coimbra Review

A great review from Coimbra, Pain!!!
Thank you Catarina Serra!!!

“We got to Coimbra at about 7pm, we got lost, then when we did found the right place Susana and Inês were there, we still didn’t have where to sleep so we wnet to look for it,when we got back to the “Sala de arte à parte” there was a fire right in front of the place, to make you clear this are very tiny streets, only one way, so a car was difficult to fit there, so it was a pretty confused this but at the end everything was ok and we were ready to party…

After Marble Avenue presented their songs , with me, my sister Ana, Susana and Inês right at the front(and Prima Donna behind us), I went near the band to ask to autograph my copy of the album,and they did, Kevin was the last one, I asked him to write some kind of dedication on the front, he asked my name , and when I said it he was like “Catarina? I know you from facebook!” that left me jumping around inside as he was writing CATARINA, WE LOVE YOU,then I was like yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Lol
Then they went to prepare things for the show, while they did that I went to buy my Prima Donna’s t-shirt. 5 minutes later the show was starting with “Soul Stripper”, everybody was jumping and clapping hands , singing along and moving their heads. Kevin does move lots with his legs, but he made sure he didn’t hit us, I kind hypnotized when he did those this with the mic, right in front of me, I love when he does that. In the middle of the show, everybody was sweating, and Kevin was throwing his sweat to us, I must say he is one of a kind rocker, he asked for my hand, I gave it, then he made me roll over me twice , the last song had arrived, “I don’t what you to love me” – high point of the night.
They went to the little door on our left, and he asked for more by screaming PRIMA DONNA, 1 min later there they were again, with a few more songs… during all the show they showed us how proud they were of us, the Portuguese fans.
As the show was over , they come back to the room and everybody was taking pictures with them, I went to buy cigarettes outside and that’s when I saw the police car outside(lol), mw and my sister returned, and then it was us, Susana and Inês, Prima Donna and a few more people left, so we stayed there chatting with the band, like we were friends from a long time, Levine showed us his bag of scarves (scarf), cuz he said he liked mine , I eventually trade mine with one of his. At like 1am, they were asking us if we wanted to go dance with them at a club near by, so we went , chatting also along the way, me personally with Aaron and Lavine, Lights Out is an awesome guy, he was trying to read Portuguese as we crossed streets to the club, turns out it was a 20 min walking. They he got into the club, rock was on fire, we danced, we drunk, we have lots of fun, we got back at the hotel at about 3.30am.
I met them again the next day,they waved and spoke to us, everytime we crossed each others, I gave Kevin a card of Oporto( which is the second most famous city of Portugal) and we wrote behind it showing our love and asking then to go there next time, Kevin hugged me twice , and then we said our goodbyes.
OBRIGADO , Erik,Kevin, Aaron, David and Levine, c ya next time”

Pictures from this show here

Logrono Review

Here it is the review :


My friend Ana and me arrived at the pub where the concert was like 3 hours in

advance 'coz we're not from Logroño and we disn't know the place. We were taken
a pic of the poster outside the bar when the guys arrived in a van and said
hello to us. We were so nervous and I started to have a look at my map trying to
find nothing at all 'coz I didn't want to look at them and seem stupid. They got
into the pub and Ana and me decided to leave for a while and have sumthing for
At 9 (one hour before) we arrived at the pub and bought the tickets. the guys
were having dinner (Erik and Aaron were trying to kill a pizza xD) and drinking
wine (of course, that region is very popular b'cuz of the wine). We asked for sum
drinks and decided to move closer to the stage and, in our way, Kevin stopped us
and introduced himself, Aaron and Marco (their driver). We talked for a while
and we moved toward the stage. Then we decided to say "happy bday" to Aaron and
he was really pleased of that. We took som pics with Erik, David (who's
incredibly tall) and Aaron.
The rest of the time before the concert (there was only bout 30 people) was
talking to the guys in the restrooms corridor when they were getting ready. Once
I was in the girls restroom and I hear them singing "hola, hola, hola", that was
so weird, and when I left I nearly ran into Kevin who was looking himself in the
mirror xD.
Ana and me were so close to the stage that we could see the songs they were
playing that night xD The concert began and the guys were shocked when they
discovered we knew the songs. The concert was amazing. Everybody enjoyed it and
had fun, especially us. I know they got now some new fans. ;)
Just right after the concert I went to the restroom (alcohol is too bad xD) and
I talked to Aaron, who wanted to know if the concert was fine "It was amazing,
Aaron!". We talked to Kevin and the new bassist, Levine, who's really nice and
allowed us to take the paper with the songs xD Then we talked to the guys and
took some more pics. After that we said good-bye and they hugged us."
More Pictures here