Europe Tour 2015

Prima Donna are returning to Europe in October 2015 for their 8th tour! We’ve updated the tour page with all the info we have so far.

Booked by Billig People Booking
presented by Ox-Fanzine &

Date Country City Venue Tickets FB event
07/10/2015 Germany Essen Freakshow 8€ fb_icon
08/10/2015 Germany Berlin Wild at heart n/a fb_icon
09/10/2015 Germany Nieder-Ohmen BiFi’s n/a
10/10/2015 Germany Stuttgart Goldmarks 14,50€ www fb_icon
11/10/2015 Switzerland Bern Reitschule/ Rössli n/a fb_icon
12/10/2015 France Besancon Bar de L’U 3€ fb_icon
14/10/2015 Spain Bilbao Satélite T 5€ (with beer) fb_icon
15/10/2015 Spain Madrid Wurlitzer Ballroom Free entry fb_icon
16/10/2015 Spain Baeza (Jaén) Café Teatro Central Free entry fb_icon
17/10/2015 Spain Estepona King Creole n/a fb_icon
18/10/2015 Spain Granada Sala Vogue 7€ (with 2 beers) fb_icon
19/10/2015 Spain Castellón Veneno Stereo 9€ fb_icon
21/10/2015 Italy Conzano UVA Blu Free entry fb_icon
22/10/2015 Italy La Spezia Shake Club Pay what you want fb_icon
23/10/2015 Italy Torino Blah Blah 5€  fb_icon
24/10/2015 Italy Milano Ohibo Club n/a
25/10/2015 Italy Verona Officina degli Angeli Free entry fb_icon
26/10/2015 Italy Camino al Tagliamento Il Gnotul Free entry fb_icon
27/10/2015 Austria Vienna Arenabeisl Free entry
28/10/2015 Germany Pfarrkirchen Club Xaver n/a fb_icon
29/10/2015 Germany München Backstage 13,70€ www fb_icon
30/10/2015 Germany Fürth Kopf und Kragen 10€ fb_icon
31/10/2015 Germany Dortmund Subrosa 9€ (presale) / 12€ fb_icon



 Prima Donna recorded the single “Like Hell” for RocketmanRecords  during a day-off of their last European tour in Milan !!!

like hell cover


SIDE B “ROCK’N’ROLL IS DEAD” (rubinoos cover)

It was recorded at Real Sound Studio and produced by Ettore Gilardoni (The Crooks, Faz Waltz, Soundtrack Of A Summer)
Black Vinyl Standard Edition will be available at  Prima Donna’s Merchtable during their upcoming Tour supporting Adam Ant !!!

In September it will available on the RocketMan Records  Online Store !

A 50 copiesLImited Edition on blue vinyl is available thru our website

FUTURADIO interview

Tuesday September 11 at 14:30 (east. European time)

PRIMA DONNA  will be guests on Finnish radio !

Tune in to FutuRadioFM – 93.6mhz Helsinki and 106.8mhz Tampere

You can talk to other Stray Dolls in our chat while listening the interview !


Panic in the streets of Essen. Yeah, all the dj’s who don’t play Prima Donna songs should be hanged. Because Prima Donna guys are true king rockers: they know how to rock and, most of all, they know how to roll. Further proof was their last European show at Panic Room in Essen, Germany. The venue was packed with fans and friends from all around Europe and the front row was… well, drunk and wild.

Did they play I Don’t Want You To Love Me, Demoted, Soul Stripper and all their hits from After Hours? Of course they did. And they did it like there’s no tomorrow. Did they play Sociopath, Let The Games Begin and Puta Te Amo? Hell, yeah! And they played also an awesome version of Broken for all of you, broken hearts. Their latest album title is Bless This Mess, right? The stage was a real mess: crazy go go dancers, weirdos powered by booze and debauchery.



  That’s what rock and roll is about: fun. At Panic Room in Essen, there was sweat        and beer falling from the ceiling, maybe some feathers too. If you are in love with  punk rock and sleazy rock ‘n’ roll – that kind of sound brought to us by 70s  Stones, New York Dolls, Ramones, Johnny Thunders, Hanoi Rocks – and you  don’t like Prima Donna, there is something wrong with you: killer guitars, bang-bang bass, bam-bam drums, reckless piano and hellbound sax.

Anyway… Prima Donna are alright even if you don’t like saxophones. Because David, Erik, Lights Out, Aaron and Kevin are the real deal. Raw power: what you see is what you get. In Prima Donna world there’s no time to rest, it’s always letsgetfuckedup o’clock. Ok, if you are reading this review, that means you are a stray doll and you maybe know everything about Prima Donna records, shows and other shit so… See you soon.

Chinese Rock



KerPunk Festival in London next Saturday

KerPUNK Festival

There will be a 2 day music festival taking place in London, England this Saturday and Sunday, featuring many many many great bands and fans from the USA & UK (and anon) “punk rock” music scene (not to put a label on it!)

Here are some of the bands booked and confirmed to play (many more to be announced):

KerPunk festival to present:

Prima Donna
Adam Bones
Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies)
The Phenomenauts
Mystic Knights of The Cobra
Fever Charm
Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits
Bryan Mcpherson
The Copyrights
The UnNamed Band
Leigh Bucky
Jamie DeWolf and Sissy DeWolf (MC/hosts)

The all day festival shows will be in the London area. Venues contracts have been received, and the festival is going to be held on Saturday, at The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel in East London. We also have another venue lined up just down the road (details to come).

On Sunday, we also have a venue lined up for a 2nd day of festivities! Again, details to follow.

This is a FREE event. The capacity of all venues is 300+, so if you want to come, please send an e-mail to for a request for reserved tickets. It’s strictly 2 tickets per person (max) and please specify if you want tickets for “Saturday”, “Sunday” or “Weekend”. Everyone there has to have their ID and will be issued a ticket upon proof of identity and e-mail confirmation.

E-mail confirmations will be sent by the end of Thursday (wherever you are).

More details on times, line ups and venues to follow.

You can check yourself the Kerpunk Festival facebook page and its Twitter

2010 Review by Prima Donna’s fb

From Prima Donna’s fb

“This year was absolutely smashing! It started with us venturing out to Asia for another leg of the ’21st Century Breakdown’ tour with Green Day! In February we did some insane shows in L.A. to make up for our months of neglect. Spring was spent rehearsing new tunes in our secret headquarters and then re-emerging to shoot the “I Don’t Want You To Love Me” music vid. In summer we trekked across the U.S. for 8 weeks in our fearless van, Miss Piggy (a.k.a. Van Wilder). The highlight of that tour had to be the dates we shared with Batusis (Sylvain Sylvain Mizrahi & Cheetah Chrome)! On the way back, we hit Vegas to play at the Las Vegas Shakedown fest. It was truly a hot, wet American summer. We came home and did a bitchin’ headlining gig at the Troubadour. Then, it was finally time to get back to Europe and the UK! 7 weeks of absolute mayhem/ecstasy! Too many highlights to list, but it was especially great playing with The Fuzztones and Eddie & The Hot Rods. As soon as we got home, we did two hyper-sexual gigs in Nor Cal before we came back to our beloved L.A. for two homecoming performances. All in all we did about 100 shows spread throughout 16 countries. We had a gas in 2010, but it will pale in comparison to the things we are about to achieve in 2011. BE READY. Hot love to all of our fans on planet Earth! We will bring you Rock & Roll Heaven in Twenty Eleven!”

Your Darlings,

Prima Donna