Street Team Chat !



On Thursday May 24th  21:00 GMT and 13:00 pacific time we’ll have a chat to find new ways to promote the 2 upcoming Tours (west U.S. and Europe) !

Everyone is invited !

If you can  not join us but have new ideas, send it at so we can talk about it in the chat !



Topics :

-Reorganization of the street team section

-New ways to promote the upcomingtours

-New fliers

-Facebook Group will turn into a Facebook Page

-Problems and doubts


Chat Rules :

It Officially starts when staff enters in the chat ; staff says the new ideas and needs, we discuss them one by one

then everyone who’s got an idea will have enough time to present it, and to discuss…but please wait your turn so it won’t turn out in a messy thing :-)

see ya there !

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