Being a Stray Doll project !

Hello Stray Dolls!

We want to know what

 being a STRAY DOLL means to you  ! 

Send us pictures, videos,… It can be you dancing around, holding a card with your favorite lyric from Stray Doll, doing street-team work in your hometown, you with the band, a drawing, your Prima Donna Collection, your Prima Donna ‘s cds on holiday with you, a poem, whatever : The only rule here is: be creative!

Some stray dolls (Michelle, Susana, Maria I.)  are working on a very special project that will collect ALL your entries !

Can’t say more but it will be Feral !

Send us your work via WeTransfer to  :

within September the 3rd

Spread the word about it !

3 random Stray Doll partecipating will receive exclusive gadgets !

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