Operation: Handsome !





Comrades in rock The Phenomenauts and Prima Donna have joined forces to march together this summer.  This mission through inner space has been christened Operation: Handsome, and will commence in earnest on Wednesday, August 8th, at Monstro’s Pizza in Chico, California.Performing their own mix of punk, garage and new wave, the Phenomenauts are dedicated to defending Science and Honor across the galaxy, penning songs dealing with the serious implications of science fiction, science fact, and offering new perspectives on Earth life as we know it.  Revered astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweeted on Friday that he was “simultaneously flattered and weirded out” by The Phenomenauts’ latest music video, I’m With Neil, which premiered last week on Wired.com.  The song and video are a celebration of Tyson’s contributions to public awareness of science and reason, and chock full of clips of Tyson’s greatest moments.

Conceived in the amazing year 2000, a critical part of the Phenomenaut experience has always been their live show, during which the band proudly displays their ever-evolving arsenal of homemade “Phenoma-gadgets.” The band is touring in support of their latest Silver Sprocket release, Adventures In The Third Dimension, a 48-page comic-book written by Rich Fogel, a legend (and Emmy Award winner) for his work on TV-shows like Pinky and the Brain and Batman Beyond. The comic features artwork from notables like Erica Henderson (Venture Bro’s) and Mitch Clem (Nothing Nice to Say/My Stupid Life), and comes with a 7” vinyl EP of the group’s latest hits, I Am (Not) Robot and Particle Accelerator.

A band of five genuine Los Angeles natives, Prima Donna is truly more at home on the highways of the world, where they have logged some 325-plus shows in the past four years.  Their latest love letter to their legion of fans (affectionately known as the Stray Dolls) was issued on Valentine’s Day, 2012, on Acetate Records.  Entitled Bless This Mess, this recent sonic grenade was recorded at Green Day’s Jingletown compound in Oakland.

The band just completed filming the video for the D. Sardy mixed track “Feral Children,” which features frontman Kevin Preston handling both doves (in a storm of feathers) and a huge vulture.   Meanwhile, Little Steven’s Underground Garage has championed Prima’s  song “Puta Te Amo” as ‘the Coolest Song in the World,’ and “Maxine” (also from Bless This Mess) was Number One on LA powerhouse modern rock station KROQ’s local chart.

These two squadrons dedicated to the Operation: Handsome mission have promised to take no prisoners but to make as many allies as possible.   Humanoids of all stripes are invited to join the mission at the following checkpoints.


The Phenomenauts & Prima Donna

8-8-2012 Monstro’s Pizza – Chico CA
8-9-2012 Horned Hand – Bend OR
8-10-2012 Hawthorne Theater – Portland OR
8-11-2012 El Corazon – Seattle WA
8-12-2012 Cornucopia’s Maize Lounge – Eugene OR
8-15-2012 Press Club – Sacramento CA
8-16-2012 Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco CA
8-17-2012 TBA
8-19-2012 Redwood – Los Angeles CA
8-20-2012 Rhythm Room – Phoenix AZ
8-23-2012 Bunkhouse Saloon – Las Vegas NV
8-24-2012 B. Ryders – Bakersfield CA
8-25-2012 Homestead Lanes – Cupertino CA





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